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Allocation Committee 

The allocation committee evaluates all quarterly allocation requests and makes recommendations on the amount to be awarded.  The committee meets during the month prior to the start of a new allocation quarter.

The current allocation committee members are

Dmitry Bedrov, Material Science

Jacob Hochhalter, Engineering

Julio Facelli, Biomedical Informatics

Ryan Steele, Chemistry

Adam Kochanski, Atmospheric Sciences

User Advisory Council

The User Advisory Council meets with various members of the CHPC staff monthly (the third Thursday of the month at 2pm). The role of the council is to discuss and provide input to CHPC policy, services, operations and future directions. 

Current members:

Gabriel Costa Alverni Da Hora, Chemistry

Todd Harman, Mechanical Engineering

Carson Holt, UCGD

Randy Madsen, BMI

Tim Parnell, HCI

Thomas Reichler, Atmospheric Sciences

James Sutherland, Chemical Engineering

Jennifer Spinti, Chemical Engineering

Zach Gompert, USU


Last Updated: 9/1/23