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 CHPC Organizational Chart

CHPC Staff

If you need to contact staff about issues you are having with CHPC resources or with any questions about CHPC services, the best way to contact us is by email at All staff will see these emails and can respond if a particular staff member is unavailable.  You may email CHPC staff directly, if you prefer, but you will get the best response by using You may also call the main CHPC phone number 801-585-3791 between 8 AM - 5 PM.

  Name Title Expertise Areas email address

Irvin Allen

Irvin Allen Senior Systems Administrator

Windows, Mac, and Linux Desktops; Windows, Mac, Linux Servers; Tape Backup and File Recovery;
Abby Blackett

Abby Blackett

Technical Assistant (part-time) Communications
Anders Bleak

Anders Bleak

Technical Assistant (part-time) Monitoring

Wayne Bradford

Wayne Bradford

(801) 326-0414

Project Lead, Security, 
Senior Systems Administrator
Security; Linux; HPC; Protected Enviornment; HIPAA Compliance
Joe Breen Joe Breen Senior IT Architect HPC & Enterprise Networking; Software Defined Networking; Research Support for Data Transfers
Wim Cardoen Wim R. Cardoen, PhD Scientific Consultant Scientific Computing; C; C++; Fortran; Python; Java; MPI; Hadoop

Tom Cheatham

Thomas E. Cheatham, III, PhD
(801) 585-3791
Director Biomolecular simulations; AMBER; HPC; Cyberinfrastructure; XSEDE, Blue Waters
 Joshua Cragun Josh Cragun

Technical Assistant (part-time)

Riley Crahen Riley Crahen Technical Assistant (part-time) Monitoring; SNMP; telemetry; data visualization; researcher facing dashboards
Martin Cuma Martin Cuma, PhD Scientific Consultant Parallel Code Development; Matlab; Geophysics
 Cameron Davie Cameron Davie Technical Assistant (part-time)

Michael Dougal Michael Dougal Technical Assistant (part-time)
Lua; Python; Windows; Node Repair
Elmir Dzaka Elmir Dzaka Technical Assistant (part-time)
Node Repair; HPC; Scripting
Jake Evans Jacob J. Evans Network Administrator Network: Routing; Switching; Design; Security; Infiniband; LAN/WAN/MAN
Paul Fischer Paul Fischer

System Administrator

 Storage; Linux 
Emerson Ford

Emerson Ford

Technical Assistant (part-time) HPC; Linux; SLATE


Isaak Getz

Isaak Getz

Technical Assistant (part-time) SLATE

Dylan Gardner

Dylan Gardner

Technical Assistant (part-time)  HPC; Linux

Steve Harper Steven Harper Project Lead, Virtualization
Senior Systems Administrator
VMware; Perl; MySQL; Apache/Tomcat; LDAP; Atlassian Suite; DNS
Julia Harrison Julia D. Harrison, MBA
(801) 585-1869
Associate Director Management; HPC; User Services; Documentation; Accounting and Finance
Brian Haymore Brian Haymore Project Lead, HPC and Storage
Senior Systems Administrator
HPC; Storage; Linux
David Heidorn David Heidorn Systems Administrator  Windows Desktop and Server; Active Directory; Terminal Services (Remote Desktop Services)
Nanda Jonnalagadda Nanda Jonnalagadda Technical Assistant (part-time) Monitoring; SNMP; telemetry; data visualization; researcher facing dashboards
 pierce Pierce Jorgensen Technical Assistant (Part-time)  SLATE
Sam Liston Samuel T. Liston Project Lead, External Events, 
Senior Systems Administrator
Storage; Data Transfer; Visualization
 Jackson McKay Jackson McKay Technical Assistant (part-time) Node Repair; Scripting
aleisha meier Aleisha Meier Office Clerk Help Desk

 Brett Milash

Brett Milash Scientific Consultant  Scientific Computing; Data Science; Genomics;
David Nordello David Nordello Information Security Professional  Security; Linux; HPC; Protected Enviornment; HIPPA
Anita Orendt Anita M. Orendt, PhD Assistant Director,
Research Consulting and Faculty Engagement

Computational Chemistry; Gaussian; Quantum Espresso; Application Support; User Services; XSEDE Campus Champion
David Richardson David Richardson Systems Administrator Linux; Virtualization; Security; Networking
Annie Ruiz Annie Ruiz Technical Assistant (part-time) Monitoring; SNMP; telemetry; data visualization; researcher facing dashboards
Hope headshot Hope Welch

Technical Assistant (part-time)

User Services; Linux
 Dao White Dao White  Financial Analyst  Accounting; Admin Support; Finance
Alan Wisniewski Alan S. Wisniewski, MAeS Technical Support Analyst Power Planning, Measurement & Distribution; Data Center Management & Layout; Networking
huan Chonghuan Xia Software Developer PHP, Python, Java Script, mysql database
Crystal Young Crystal Young Technical Assistant
Gordon Zhang Gordon Zhang UIT Student Lead
Last Updated: 6/3/22