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Maddash Dashboards

MaDDash  is a project aimed at collecting and presenting two-dimensional monitoring data as a set of grids referred to as a dashboard. Many monitoring systems focus on one dimension, such as a single host or service. The MaDDash software is a part of the perfSONAR project, which has a primary focus on advanced network monitoring. However, the Maddash software is relatively agnostic to the type of data that the organization might be collecting and displaying, so groups adapt the software to other scenarios where a two-dimensional relationship exists.

CHPC currently participates with multiple local and national groups that monitor bandwidth and loss to various sites. The following links connect to Maddash Dashboards for specific collaborations. If you would like a Maddash dashboard setup for your University of Utah affiliated virtual organization, please put in a ticket to

Last Updated: 6/10/21