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Hosting Services

CHPC operates community servers on which we can provide: 

  • Git repositories
    Git is a distributed version control system that can be used to collaborate on projects and track changes. A remote repository hosts files on the network and allows users to access and edit a project simultaneously. More information can be found on the git repository page.
  • Subversion revision control systems
    Subversion is a centralized version control system that allows users to collaborate and track changes. Remote repositories allow all collaborators on a project to share their work. More information can be found on the SVN documentation page.
  • Microsoft SQL database
    Microsoft SQL is a proprietary database management system.
  • MySQL databases
    MySQL is an open-source database management system, for which CHPC offers two options:
    1. For smaller data size (less than a few GB), one can get table space on our community MySQL server, which includes full control of the tables. This option is free.
    2. For larger data, we can create a VM for a private instance of MySQL. The researcher is responsible for the cost of the VM, which varies with the VM size and is described on our VM page.
    In both cases, contact CHPC help desk to initiate the process.
  • Web pages
    CHPC offers hosting for department, group, and individual web sites: HTML, PHP, and WordPress sites are all supported. These are usually named http://<something> (other names can also be arranged).

    Note that all users have the option of having a personal website served out of your public_html folder; in this case the web page is accessible at<Your-uNID> (non-unid aliases are available by request).

    Also note that if any content of a CHPC hosted web page is from a home directory or a group space that is not backed up then the content of the web page is not backed up; if the content is from a group space with quarterly archives then any backup maybe out-of-date between backups. Please see our backup polices and options for more details.  Finally,  as indicated in the above database section, for websites that require more resources than we can provide on the community servers, groups will need to purchase a VM to host the site.  See the VM page for details.
  • JupyterHub
    CHPC now has a jupyterHub instance. JupyterHub is a multi-user version of Jupyter notebook, a web application that provides an environment that enables users to edit and run code from a browser and to attach the media representation of results (HTML, LaTeX, PNG, PDF, etc.) with the code that generates them. For more information about JupyterHub in general, please see the Jupyter project page; for more information about the use of CHPC's instance, see our JupyterHub page.
    Note: JupyterHub is being deprecated in lieu of the Open OnDemand web portal.

If you have an interest in any of these services or if you would like additional information, please send a request to


Last Updated: 6/28/22